Retreat Notes

I sat down with my notes from our recent ladies’ retreat so I could be reminded of the truths I heard.  Here are some of the highlights that I learned (and was convicted of) from Carol Trahan’s teaching…

  • It’s absurd to give the God of heaven advice and not submission.

  • Every sin grows in a spirit of discontentment.

  • Through the greatest suffering the greatest love was shown.

  • The things that come into my life are Divinely permitted or Divinely prepared.

  • “Best” is anything that brings me to a greater dependence on Christ.

  • A woman walking in pride is prey for the enemy.

  • Dwell on Scripture until it changes you.

  • You want to know the will of God?  Be a thankful woman.

  • Motherhood brings out who we really are.

  • When I saturate my mind with Truth there is peace.

  • The answer to every struggle I face is, “I believe God.”

  • Suffering and glory are two partners that travel together.

  • When you see nothing happening, don’t lose hope.

  • Love  like God’s love can be trusted.

This was teaching that can change a woman’s life and outlook!

For you ladies that attended the retreat, is there another thought that you’ve been dwelling on since the weekend?

With love,

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