A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Starry-eyed brides love every detail about their new husband.  His cute little ways of eating, the way he drinks his coffee in one swallow, the way he needs her to help him pick out his clothes, the pitiful way he pouts when she’s away – it’s all new and precious. 

Then life marches onto the scene – children come, trials pound on their front door, wrinkles are pressed into his forehead and her eyes, and the things that were once “precious” somehow become areas of irritation.  “Does he have to slurp his coffee?!”  “Can’t he do anything for himself, for heaven’s sake?”

Sad to say, it happens in the parsonage too.  I’ve recognized the ugly monster of criticism sitting at our breakfast table, whispering in my ears the irritants that went from my ear into my heart.  For many years now, I’ve realized the importance of asking God to give me a stronger love each day for my husband.  Oh, not that I ever didn’t love him-we have had a wonderful marriage…but I, too often, dwelt on the negatives instead of counting my blessings, which are far greater.

The Lord brought to my mind just recently that He’s answered that prayer of increasing my love for my parson through what I’m calling our “Vision Trial.”  The Lord allowed seeing his physical weakness to tender my heart in compassion.  Who cares about those silly little issues when sight or blindness are the two options before you?  You don’t bother with worrying about the aging process moving in a little too quickly when you’re just thankful you have today to sit together and sip your coffee.

The enemy wants to destroy our marriages.  Pray and ask the Lord to help you to love your husband more and more each day.  If we ask anything according to His will, he promises to hear us!  This is a prayer He will certainly answer!

It’s time to brag:  What do you love about your husband?  I love that my husband has a tender heart.

From my parsonage windows,

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