Freshen Up Friday

Accessorizing your wardrobe with belts and scarves can refresh clothing items you already own. 
 If you were at the retreat at BCBC last weekend, you heard about how
these two simple items can add so much to an outfit. 
But once you pick out the right color and size, what do you do with it?
Here are two ideas.  Let’s start with the belt.
Have you ever put a belt on and it looked like this?

It’s definitely not pretty to see the extra belt dangling like a
limp spaghetti noodle hanging off the side of the pan!
I recently saw an idea of what to do with those long belts…
 Isn’t that better? 
Now the extra piece looks like a part of the belt instead of an appendage!
Take the extra piece and place it below the belt and bring it up under it.
Tuck it into the loop.
Here’s a new way I learned to tie a scarf.  It’s easy peasy. 
(The top I have on did not need a scarf, but it’s what I was wearing when it was time to photograph the steps!)
Fold the scarf in half lengthwise and bring the ends around each side of your neck.
You’ll have a fold on one side and two loose ends on the other side.
Take ONE of the loose ends and place it through the fold.

Take the other hanging end and wrap it over, under and then up through the fold

Isn’t that a pretty fold?

It’s amazing how much a simple accessory can add to an otherwise bland outfit.  Find a belt or scarf you love and freshen up your wardrobe this weekend!

See you in church Sunday.  What will the Lord do in our midst?  I’m excited to see!

Be refreshed,


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