A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Know what season it is at the Cunningham’s?  Culling season.  Webster defines “Culling” this way –  to choose; select; pick.  I’ve found that if I’m not regularly culling the things that enter the doors of our home, we would be candidates for the hoarders television show!   Here’s what I try to cull through:

  • I try at the beginning of each season to go through my magazines and decide which ones need to be kept or given away, and which ones need to be torn apart for the recipes and articles and then thrown away. 
  • My seasonal clothes require culling to decide which ones I will actually wear next year.  As I remove the summer clothes from my drawers and closet, I decide if it is an article I will need next year based on its fit and wear.  If it looks old, or if I hate the way it feels when I have it on, it’s gone.
  • I’m also in the process of culling decor.  I’ve gotten the feeling recently of having too much out.  I’m desiring a sleeker look.  I’ve made my way through the kitchen, removing some pictures and accessories in order to streamline and make it easier on the eye.  It’s easy to let things get out of control and feel like I’m drowning!  I could have my counters covered with appliances and gadgets if I’m not careful.  I’m keeping out only the things that are used regularly.
  • My basement storage area is on my list too.  Ugh.  (Do you have a space like that?)

After I’ve made my selections of the things that stay and the things that must go, I put it in one of two areas:  throw away or give away.  I then load it up in a garbage bag and take it off. Then I don’t look back!  It’s more than just choosing what I like and what I’m tired of.  What I’m really choosing is orderliness, calm, and contentment.  When the discarded items are gone, it’s a great feeling, my rooms, closets and drawers are organized and I feel lighter too!

Do you need to do some culling?  Set the timer for 15 minutes and tackle areas of your house a little at a time. I’ll bet you won’t miss one thing you get rid of, but will love the feeling the culling process brings!

From the parsonage windows,

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