Don’t Regret Today

“We were going  to do this”, and “We planned to do that, but it just never happened!” 

Have you found yourself saying that about things you had thought you might do this December?  I opened my Bible to Proverbs 27 and the first verse I read this morning was,

Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.
I found myself nodding my head vehemently and thinking, “Boy, that’s the truth!”
Just yesterday, I got up feeling well and thought I’d tackled a bunch of projects.  Things were going well until about 10am when my bones started hurting.  My fingers ached, my ribs hurt, then a headache began about the time the cough started.  Oh no, the dreaded flu!  I was down all day and night.  Gone were the things I’d hoped to do.  At this point I didn’t even care that my “to do” list was untouched!  Just give me some Tylenol, a blanket and some ginger ale, please. 
This morning, thankful that the body aches were gone, I was able to get up and start the day, albeit, cautiously.  It’s easy to make plans, but I must learn to realize that the Lord is in control.  Even when it doesn’t make sense to me.  I might easily rationalize, “But I’m the primary care-giver for my mother-in-law right now!  I have to be well!”  Really?  Evidently the Lord didn’t think so, or He wouldn’t have let me get sick.  We often think our plans are best, and it will all go as we see fit, but if we’re wise, we’ll sift our schedules, our ideas and plans all through the sovereign hands of an All-wise God.  We must accept what He allows in our tomorrows.
Whatever it is that you planned on doing in December, whether it was a drive to see the spectacular lights, or make that awesome cookie recipe, or create the centerpiece for your Christmas table, it is really okay if it didn’t happen.  Don’t give yourself a guilt trip over it.  It won’t change the world.
The flip side of that verse is the understanding that while we can’t change the past, or boast about tomorrow, we do have today!  So hey, live it to the hilt!  If you’re feeling well, enjoy it!  Use your energy wisely and pour it out on those you love!  Share the Gospel today!  Make your dinner meal special today!  Tell your family you love them today! Be creative today! 
You can’t change yesterday or stop what will come tomorrow, but you don’t have to regret the present! 
With love,

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