Freshen Up Friday

So you’ve had the big turkey dinner, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup and turkey goulash and now you don’t care if you ever eat turkey again, right?  How about a total change this weekend and fix a good ol’ hot dog for lunch today or tomorrow? 

Now, don’t just throw a hot dog in the microwave and then slap it into a cold bun!  First, put the hot dog in a skillet and let it get a little browned (unless you have a bonfire roaring in your backyard – that would be even better!).

Now, either spray the bun with a little cooking spray or brush with melted butter.

Place the inside of the bun face down in the skillet and let it get a little toasty – like this…

Flip it over for just a few seconds, then place the browned hot dog inside the bun.  Now you can top it with chili and coleslaw (our favorite!) or some mustard and ketchup.

Maybe you already toast the bun like this, but I’ve learned that a yummy toasted bun takes a hot dog (or a hamburger) to the next level!  Plus it’s a nice, long cry from a turkey sandwich!

So go ahead and Freshen up your lunch with a hot dog fixed to perfection!

Be refreshed,

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