Popcorn Marriage


Last night I put popcorn kernels into a Pyrex bowl, added a couple tablespoons of margarine and secured the glass lid on top.  After pressing 5 minutes on my microwave, I stooped over, arms resting on the counter to watch the magic happen in the bowl.  It only took a couple of minutes until the kernels began dancing around on their glass stage.  A couple more minutes and the bowl had kernels pushing and shoving one another like the crowd on New Years Eve in front of the Big Apple.  Soon, the lid was lifting from the pressure and heat. I removed the popcorn before it spilled over, though some kernels remained unpopped.  The popcorn was ready.  Salt was added.  Popcorn enjoyed.
As I sat eating my favorite snack, I thought how the heat, the popcorn, and the lid lifting on the bowl pictures what often happens in marriage when things get stressful.  The lid can blow off a home in just a short amount of time. 
“Our marriage almost didn’t survive this difficulty.”
I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard that.  My own marriage has jumped around in a hot bowl of difficulties from time to time.  For some, financial pressure, illness, trauma, infidelity, family relational issues, fatigue and busyness can all cause the lid to lift off of a marriage when things get hot. 
When I bought the bag of popcorn kernels, I knew it would get put into the hot microwave.  Surely, all of us who got married knew that our marriages would get tested.  Maybe it’s a silly analogy, but it’s true – not all of the relationships make it. Some end up spilled out instead of enjoyed. 
Where is your marriage relationship today, right now, at this moment?  Are you allowing the pressures to lift the lid?  Maybe you just need to sit back a minute and access your relationship.  Did things blow up this morning?  Did you over-respond to a statement your husband made?  Don’t let the issues that are brewing press down on your marriage.  Without a strong marital relationship you don’t have a team, but together, you and your husband can make it! Thank the Lord for bringing you together so you can share the load, carry one another’s burdens, and have a “bowl of fun!”

What do you do when things are stressful at home? On Thursday’s post I’m going to share Five Ways to Protect Your Marriage in Difficulty. I hope it will encourage you!

With love,

2 thoughts on “Popcorn Marriage

  1. Love this. And so excited to know how to fix 'real' popcorn. My kids will love it. One question, do you literally “secure” the lid or just place it on top?!?
    Thinking of you!


  2. Hello Rebecca! My way of securing the lid was placing the glass lid on top. It does fit tightly. I cover the bottom of the bowl with the kernels, add the unmelted margarine, pop on the lid and listen for the popcorn to start slowing down, then remove it. FYI – the bowl gets really hot. It's the best popcorn ever! So much better than the bag of microwave stuff!


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