A Peek Inside the Parsonage

One place I’m constantly changing is the shelf in my kitchen.  It’s my “mantle” if you will.  Here it is dressed patriotically.  Here is was ready for spring. 

Here’s how it looked until last week…
Time to take the snowmen down!
After 70 degree weather this past weekend,
I’m not hoping for more snow,
so the “Let is Snow” sign must come down, too!
Here’s the revised kitchen shelf…
Not a ton of change, but enough that it doesn’t look so “wintery.”
I love this Longaberger basket a friend gave me.  It’s my bread basket.
Hanging it here keeps it in easy reach.
It’s still a work in progress – isn’t any house? 
Hmmm, reminds me of you and me.  Every day the Lord is desiring to change us, to remove the “old” self and freshen us up.  Don’t you just know when things in your heart aren’t quite right?  Sin needs to be (dismantled) confessed, and the New Man needs to be displayed instead.  Just like my shelf is still my white shelf, I’m still me, the one Christ saved, but I should be looking different this year than I did last year, even different from last season or yesterday!  Maturity should be evidenced.  Growth must be recognizable.  Change should be witnessed by those whom my life touches. 
How is your shelf looking?  How are you looking?  Maybe it’s time for some adjustments in both areas.  Change in the shelf is a touch or two away.  Change in you…well, it’s just a prayer away.
From the parsonage windows,

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