Freshen Up Friday

How about couple of apps for your phone to freshen up your relationship with your special someone, and another one for your pictures?  When I add an app to my phone it has to be:

  1. Free
  2. Functional

I  recently found two apps that I really like and thought you might like hearing about them.

The first one is called Couple.   Go here to watch a two minute video about how it can work. This app keeps you connected to your husband.  You can send private messages.  This is an advantage over sending a text message where you risk sending a message only to find out you just sent that private message accidentally to your husband’s boss!  

You can doodle him a picture or send a video or still picture.  You can send a thumb kiss or hit a button that sends a “Thinking of you” message.  You can even send him a list of items you need at the store.  Your birthday and anniversary dates are listed here, too – just so no one forgets!  A history is stored so you can see all the messages and pictures you’ve shared.  This is a great app.  The parson and I have just been using it a couple of weeks and are still learning all its perks, but it’s been great!

Another app that I recently downloaded and love is Photo grid.                          
This fun app takes your pictures on your phone and turns them into something really special. They can take simple pictures like these…

and turn them into this…
You can add texts to them 

You can change the order and style of the picture simply by shaking your phone!

This is another great app that is fun, free and functional!  Oh, and it will freshen up your Friday!  =)

Have you ever embarrassed yourself by sending a text to the wrong person?  Fess up…I’ll share mine later.

See you in church Sunday!

Be refreshed,

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