Freshen Up Friday

These last couple of months have brought into a sharp reality how little “stuff” matters at the end of our life.  My MIL loved her stuff.  She loved her old stuff, new stuff, free stuff, sentimental stuff, collectible stuff and her stuffy stuff.  ~Cough, Cough~ Get my point?  We are in the middle of clearing out her condo and are reminded how easy it is to want to save “that special card,” or all the copies of that one picture – just in case.  But my  husband and I have determined to go through our own belongings and get rid of the unnecessary things so our girls won’t have this daunting task in front of them some day!

I recently found a great post on simplifying your kitchen here on Goodbye House, Hello Home.  She has some great tips on how to clear out your kitchen and make it organized and clutter-free.  Here is another post about 18 Things You can Get Rid of Today!

I keep a black trash bag in a bedroom closet and when I come across something I don’t need, I put it in that bag.  Then I tie up that bag and take it to Goodwill.  You know what?  I’ve never missed anything I’ve gotten rid of!  As a matter of a fact, it’s so freeing!

Freshen up your Friday (and your life!) by finding 5 things today that you can take out the door!  Put them in a bag, tie it up, and either throw it away, or give it away.  Then get in the habit of doing that each week!  Don’t let your life get cluttered up with your “stuff.”  Trust me, your children don’t want it to deal with it when you’re in heaven!

See you in church for our revival meetings!  If you live away from me, I trust you’re making your way all day on Sunday to a local assembly where you will hear the Word, enjoy fellowship, and have the opportunity to serve the Lord!

Be refreshed,

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