For Such a Time As This

A young woman was seated beside me on an airplane.  After we chatted a while, I began asking her about where she will spend eternity.  She looked at me, wide-eyed and said, “I can’t believe you’re asking me this. I’ve recently been thinking a lot about death.  I have a nephew who is dying of cancer.”  We proceeded to have a great conversation about what the Bible says about eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

I recently heard the testimony of a Jewish man who was put into a small office space at work with a Christian man.  Though the Jewish man tried to get changed to another spot to get way from this man who constantly talked about Jesus, he could not.  Therefore, he was under the loving influence of a Christian who was truly concerned for his soul.  In time, the Jewish man was won to Christ.  He is now preaching around the world about His Messiah!

The world may say I  just happened to be seated beside a woman who was thinking about death, or that it was coincidence that my Jewish friend was put in an office space with a believer, but we know better.  We understand the sovereign work of a powerful God.

This week I am reading the story of  Queen Esther who realized that the Lord had her at the palace to save her people “for such a time as this.”  As I pondered Mordecai’s words in chapter 4 “who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” I thought of how important it is that we ask ourselves the same kind of question – actually three questions: 

  • Where am I?  Consider the broad areas – your home, your workplace, your church.  Now consider the smaller dimensions – your neighborhood and street, your grocery store, your post office, your pew, your office at work, your seat on the airplane.
  • Why am I here?  Now think about the people in all those places. Why would the Lord have your life touching theirs?  Or, why did the Lord put them in your path?  If they’re lost and you know the Lord, then the reason is obvious – you are there to share the Gospel.  If you are around a believer, perhaps they need your encouragement or discipleship.
  • Why am I here now?  Consider the timing of it all.  Why at this time in your life?  Why during this phase?  Why on this flight?
This thought process needs to be considered quickly.  What if Esther had waited a couple weeks to think through Mordecai’s proposition?  We can’t waste time either, because we could lose our opportunity.  We cant’ wait and debate within ourselves that perhaps someone else will do the witnessing, or discipleship!  The Lord has you and me where we are at the time  for a specific purpose!  It’s no coincidence!  Don’t miss it!
Is there someone right now that the Lord has brought to your mind?  Ask Him to show you how to reach out to them, then do it!

With love,

One thought on “For Such a Time As This

  1. Denise,
    It's been a long time! I just recently began reading your blog, and it has been an encouragement to me! Glad to know you are well! God bless you!
    Bethany God


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