Freshen Up Friday

Happy March 1st! 

Only 19 more days until Spring! Woohoo! For all you non-southern readers, that last word was a happy exclamation! Though we are experiencing winter weather in Tennessee today, I know that spring is just around the corner!

It’s time to get your house and yourself a little ready for the new season.

  • Look around inside and outside for any signs of Christmas/winter (even Valentine) decor that may be hiding.  Is there a snowman on your flag outside?  A star on the shed door?  A Poinsettia plant that’s seen better days?  An evergreen wreath on the door?  Clean it out, girls.  Get things ready for  spring  to make its debut at your house. 

I pinned this last year and saw that my sis made it for her door – so cute!  

                                                        Cute for spring!

How cute is this wreath?  Looks super simple, too!
  • Do you have some Easter decor that you need to dig out?  Do that now. Easter is in 30 days, so if you put those things out now, you’ll have a whole month to enjoy them.  No need to wait until the first day of spring!
  • Clean out the magazine basket!  Pitch out the December and January issues of your magazines. The cover photos won’t say “spring!”  
  • This might be a good time to go through your clothes and your family’s clothing to see what will be needed for a spring wardrobe.  Do you need a new jacket?  White shoes?  Make a list so you can be shopping for bargains.  Because spring weather is so unpredictable, layering is a necessity.  Do you need a new cardigan or spring scarf? 

Refresh your spirit just by thinking about spring! Then do what you can to prepare for its arrival.   It’ll be here soon!

Is spring your favorite season as it is mine?  What do you love about it?

Another great way to celebrate March 1st would be to come to the Irish Celtic Concert at our church tonight presented by the Steve Pettit Team.  It will be a blessing you won’t want to miss!

Be refreshed,

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