A Peek Inside the Parsonage

What do you do when you want a beautiful chandelier in your living room – NOW? 

 You draw it on your chalkboard!

I had been sent this picture on Pinterest…
Mementos designs...custom vinyl chandelier on chalkboard, Keep Calm and Carry On pillows and tags...and a vinyl on glass Eiffel Tower peeking out on the right corner.  Alamo, CA 2010         

and knew immediately what I was going to draw it on my new chalkboard.  I wanted to “hang” this chandelier over my desk!  It was great fun to create.  I just pulled up the picture on my computer and used it as my guide to draw it the board.

I always have an idea up my sleeve!  It’s something I’ve found that I love and want to create some day.  I’m dreaming about lots of things, mostly secret ideas.  =)  I have those ideas tucked in magazines I’ve saved, files I’ve filled, and my Pinterest boards.

Do you have any ideas you’re dreaming about?  If they’re not secret, tell us about them!

From my parsonage windows,

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