A Peek From My Porch

A Peek Into My life this week

My husband was gone for a few days last week, so I took that time to putter in my house, changing this, and updating that.  I don’t do it while he’s away because he would mind if he were here, it’s just that I seem to have more time to do that sort of thing when he’s gone!  I like to spruce things up and let him come home to a special look in our home!  Let me give you a peek at what I did:

One thing I love about having a fireplace is having a mantle!  It’s so much fun to change it out, and I do that  frequently. Why? Because it begs for it!  I had a Fourth of July mantle recently, and once a holiday is over, I’m ready to replace it with a more relevant theme.  Since it’s summer and growing season, I went with a flower, tree, seed, bird kind of theme.

I have so much fun drawing on my chalkboard as seen here, here, and here.  These are not all of the drawings I’ve done, but just some I’ve posted.  I got an adorable card for our anniversary and loved the picture on it, so I used it as my inspiration for the drawing on my chalkboard.  Here’s a close-up:

Then another little change I made was to add some texture and print to my bookcase.  I did that simply by placing sheets of scrapbooking paper at the back of the cabinet.  I was surprised how much it added!

Here’s a contrast shot of the before and after:

Now here’s a picture of the whole cabinet:

You could use wallpaper, or you could paint the back wall of the cabinet for a striking addition. You could do this to a china cabinet, book shelf or even a  cabinet that has glass doors.  I’m loving it.  It was easy and inexpensive and makes a huge difference to me.

Does anyone else change things around while their husband is away?

With love from my country porch,

3 thoughts on “A Peek From My Porch

  1. I love using wrapping paper to change things up in a bookcase, or even wrapping the outside of a normal cardboard box to spruce up a “clutter”/toy bin! 🙂


  2. When #2 was born, we got #1 a new dresser for his new room, because he had outgrown & been rough on his old dresser, so I took out the broken drawers, painted the back on one side of the inside a bright color and changed the broken drawers to open shelving with coordinating baskets on them. That pop of green really brightens up a plain piece of furniture.


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