No Pitching Needed!

Pitchfork religion.  Ever heard of it?  It happens when someone hears preaching – let’s say on gossip, and they think of  Mrs. So-and-So, who is “the biggest gossip in town.”  The tendency is to think, “She sure needs to hear this message!” forgetting that her last phone conversation included talking about her neighbors who had just moved in.  In Pitchfork religion the application of the preaching is always for someone else, because, after all, it’s sure easier to see everyone else’s sins as worse than our own.

When Joshua, the great warrior of the Lord was dying, he gave commands to the children of Israel.  One directive was,

Take good heed therefore unto yourselves, that ye love the Lord your God.” Joshua 23:11

Joshua must have known the tendency for people to desire to fix others more than themselves.  Did you catch what he said?  “Take good heed to yourself and make sure you are loving God.”  In other words, Take care of your own heart and don’t try to fix someone else!”  He didn’t tell the wives to keep their husband spiritual.  Nor did he tell the mom to nag after their adult children.  No, it was each person’s responsibility to keep their own heart in check.

It’s awfully easy for me to rear back and give my pitchfork a lunge towards others when the real need is in my own barn!  We must each take a look in our own heart and ask, “Am I loving God more today than yesterday?”  Our passion towards God can be used to spur our husband and children towards Him too – without any work on our part. That’s right – no Pitching is needed!  The Spirit of God will do any hurling that is necessary.
Let’s take heed to our own selves and make sure we are pleasing the Lord and loving Him with all our heart today. Then we can leave to Him the work of fixing those around us.

How do you make sure that you’re loving God with all your heart?

With love,

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