A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Silliness is sometimes the best ingredient in family fun.  I was recently reminded of a silly thing our Alli and her daddy would do every single day when she was in elementary school.

They had a name that they would lovingly call one another – it was Buster.  Then it got to be a game to see who could call the other person a Buster before the other.  They would creep out of bed, looking for one another, hiding, sneeking, and creeping around doors and hallways so they could jump out and YELL,

You’re a Buster and you can’t change it forever! Ha!”  

Then it got changed to, 

You’re a Buster, Wuster, Guster and you can’t change it forever! Ha!”

Now it was funny enough watching them do this at home, but if Alli happened to spend the night away from home, it was hilarious to see how she and her daddy would try to “get” one another upon their meeting.

One such time happened when we came to Johnson City to candidate at Boones Creek Bible Church.  Alli and I had the privilege of going to The Wilds with some of the church ladies for a Mother-Daughter Retreat while my husband was at the church talking with the deacons, and doing what a perspective pastor would do.  When Alli and I arrived back at the church on Saturday evening, my husband and the deacons were in a meeting in the seating area of our church foyer.  From my husband’s perspective, the parking lot was in full view.  When he saw our car pull up, he excused himself from the meeting, crept outside to try to “Buster” Alli first!  I’m not sure what the deacons thought, or who won the Buster contest that day, but I know there was one little girl who was glad to have a daddy who never saw himself as too busy or too preoccupied with ministry to have some Family Fun with his little girl!

Does (or did) your family do something silly that will create fun family times and special memories?  I’d love to hear about it!

From the parsonage windows,

7 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. What a hilarious, sweet memory for Ally and Dale!
    A fun memory I Have with Geoffrey is stopping at Wendy's for a mini frosty whenever he did errands with me. Then when he grew up and had a car, he would take me to Starbucks for peppermint coffee.
    Early in the morning of A Heros 5k in February, one of Geoffrey's best friends came to me with a peppermint coffee and said he remembered how much joy it gave Geoff to surprise me with one, and Chris wanted to do the same.
    (BTW, Chris lives 2 hours away from us.)


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