Accountability Partner

I saw a funny card yesterday.  The front of the card showed a woman talking to the reader of the card.  She said, “It’s your birthday, but don’t worry, I won’t ask you how old you are.”  Then you open the card and it says, “How much do you weigh?”  =)


Of course, we would NEVER ask a friend how much they weigh, but if you knew you had to jump on the scales in front of your friend on a weekly basis in an effort for you to both lose weight, don’t you think you’d be a bit more disciplined?

In a recent post of a favorite magazine (Better Homes and Gardens), they talked about the New Year’s resolutions some may have made, such as weight loss or exercise.  The encouragement of the writer was to find someone to whom you could be accountable.  After all, if you know that someone else is going to be waiting for you at the bottom of the hill in your subdivision, you’ll be much more motivated to lace up your walking shoes.

Accountability is good advice.  It’s good in your spiritual life too.  Paul encouraged the Philippians in chapter 3 to mark them which walk so as you have us for an example.  He encourages them to follow his example to follow Christ, but to avoid them who are the enemies of the cross of Christ.

One way to follow Paul’s example, is to have a godly friend who will point you towards the right goals.  Lone Ranger Christians get lonely along the path of doing right.  They stand there in their “unlaced shoes, staring at a plate of donuts.”  Spiritual discipline is the last thing from their mind.  But for someone who has an accountability partner, they can ask the necessary questions to keep you on the spiritual jogging path.

What might you and a friend ask each other?  Consider:

These questions aren’t asked in an effort to be as rude as the woman on the card I saw, but in humility, we might need to ask someone to help us stay disciplined.  If we care enough to get a partner for our physical health, we understand even more the need for accountability in our spiritual life.

P.S. Hope your birthday is free of rude cards!  =)

Do you have someone that holds you accountable?  How does that work for you?

With love,

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