A Peek Inside the Parsonage

I enjoy hearing about people’s favorite things.  You can learn about products, places, and sites you otherwise would never know was out there!  So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things with you today as you take a peek inside the parsonage.

My New Favorite Tool:

I’ve recently become the owner of a Kindle Fire HD.  I had resisted owning one before because I love books, but when my husband put this one in my hands on Valentine’s Day, it was love at first sight.  =)  It’s so great to pop my Kindle into my book bag and know that it’s the only thing I have to take with me! I had about a dozen magazines downloaded, as well as that many books when I boarded my plane to Indiana last weekend.  No worry about not having enough reading material on hand!  Then I learned that Money Saving Mom has started a site just to share daily deals from Amazon for Kindles.  It’s called e Reader Girl.  Each day she shares about books that Amazon is listing for free or for a very small fee.  You need to check the price before you download; the “free” status doesn’t last forever.  I have gotten some great books for my favorite price – nothing!

A Couple Favorite items at Sam’s Club:

Aside from great produce and huge bulk baking items, Sam’s Club has a multi-Grain Tortilla Chip that is addictive.  The good thing about them is that they’re on the healthy side!  They have just the right amount of salt.  If we are low on these, we just about have to make an emergency run to town!  They’re great with salsa, but also just out of the bag! Only three dollars a bag!

Did you know that you can buy Panera Bread’s Soup at Sam’s club?  Their Broccoli Cheddar is so good.  I think it was about $11 for the two containers, but that’s a whole lot cheaper than what you’d pay at the restaurant.  Each container serves about 3 servings.  You can freeze these, too!

My Favorite Cleaning Tool:

These little erasers are amazing.  One day I used them on my white toaster and found that they took of the scum that nothing else would touch.  They work great on appliances.  I read that they are great on the flat cook tops, taking off what nothing else could remove.  They will take the soot off your jar candles.  It keeps them looking pretty instead of nasty on your counters.  They’re great for scuffs on doors and fingerprints on walls and door frames.

My favorite Phone Apps:
Photo Grid is a great place that allows you to make collages with your photos.  Like this…

I told you recently about Pair; an app for Couples.  Hope you downloaded that one so you can stay connected to your sweetheart.

The Droid Light has been a blessing when I pull up to my door at night and it’s dark.  I pop that super bright light on my phone and I have no problem finding the doorknob to put the key in!

One app that I use every morning is the You Version Bible app. I have just finished reading through the Bible in a year using the blended reading plan.  I have really enjoyed it.  They have many translations of the Bible, an audio feature and a verse for the day.  Love this!

Okay, now it’s your turn!  What is your favorite in any of the categories I listed?

From my parsonage windows,

4 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. My new favorite app is TheKnot wedding app. I have my countdown, to-do lists, and wedding board all on my phone! My new favorite food thing is the individual guacamole packs that Whit picked up this week. They're good for a quick snack!


  2. my new favorite thing is my chromebook, a present from my thoughtful husband! =) it's like a tablet or an ipad, only with an attached keyboard. easy to type on and so portable with long battery life.

    I'm also a fan of the detergent pods that are popular right now. they're just so convenient.

    Yes, those guac packs are made by wholly guacamole and are on sale at ingles this week, BOGO. I had a coupon for $1 that I used as well. Hope Alli doesn't think we're gonna have those all the time…they were a sale/coupon treat! =)


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