Freshen Up Friday

The Place of the Skull, very possibly where Jesus was crucified

This is my favorite weekend of the year and it starts with today – Good Friday.  It’s not a religious day – it’s a day of the greatest love and it’s the day that changed history!  Today as we remember what Christ did for us on the cross, I pray we will each see with new eyes our wonderful Savior and His amazing sacrifice for us.

Could I encourage you today to celebrate?  We typically wait to celebrate until Easter, but that long weekend began on the day that Jesus was crucified on the cross, on Friday.  I imagine how sad the hearts of those that loved Christ were.  But you and I have “read the back of the book” and we know that He arose!  He is alive today. Therefore, we can celebrate!  We have victory over sin, a home in heaven, and a relationship with him today all because He willingly laid down His life for us on this Friday.  Yes, this is a good day.  Good Friday.

How could you celebrate?  Consider:

  • Serve Hot Cross buns today – if you can’t make them from scratch, then make cinnamon rolls from a can and put the icing on top in the shape of the cross.
  • Go to a park – either alone or with your family and read the crucifixion story from the Bible.
  • Sing some songs about the cross – At Calvary, Beneath the Cross of Jesus, The Old Rugged Cross, At the Cross.
  • Talk about what the disciples and Jesus’ followers must have been thinking and feeling at this time of the day on that Good Friday.
  • People are always asking, “How are you?”  Why not purpose to tell them how special today is to you and why!  They asked!  Tell them!
Be refreshed today as you contemplate the cross!

Because of Christ,

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