Keep The Fun!

I have a reputation.  It’s not good.  Are you ready? I have been pulling little pranks on my family for years – especially on April Fool’s Day.  Yep.  I lie.  I trick.  I cause innocent people to be startled.  I have no reason other than …it’s fun!

This little rubberband around the spray nozzle was the cause of the wet shirt on my husband.  =)

I take that back – there is another reason, and that is  to keep the fun in every day family life.  We are so serious about raising our children.  We are serious about doing right.  We are serious about walking with God.  We are serious about discipline and homeschool and music lessons and budgeting and housekeeping and laundry and teaching manners and a million other things that fill our hearts.  There has to be an intentional ingredient added – and that is FUN.   It’s the kind that makes you belly laugh until your sides ache.  

Proverbs 17:22 –  
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Times of family fun are indeed good medicine.  Tell a silly joke.  Play a game.  Tell stories about hilarious moments.  Watch a funny movie.  Don’t let your bones (or your face) dry up!  Laugh!

I’m glad I have a husband who can take a little joke (not that I won’t get paid back, trust me).  After his shirt got sprayed at the kitchen sink yesterday morning, I heard him in the kitchen laughing – really laughing.  Of course, then he came after me to give me a hug  get me soaked too!

In the seriousness of life, don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t let your family life get too serious either.  Look for opportunities to add some family fun, laughter, and yes, even a little prank or two!

What do you do to add some fun to family life?  Do you have memories of things your family has done to laugh together?

With love,

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