A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Wednesday.  What does this day of the week conjure up in your mind?  Hump Day?  Middle of the week?  Almost the weekend?  For all my life Wednesdays were always connected with “prayer meeting.”  Through the years that also included other activities like Pioneer Girls, Awanas, Patch the Pirate Club, Sharing Group, or Teen meeting.    We never planned anything else on Wednesday night but church.  It would have been odd for us to have even asked what we were doing on Wednesday night; it was a given – we were going to church.  That was the case from the time I was a child through today.

I have always looked forward to the mid-week service. What a blessing to be encouraged with corporate time in the Word, prayer and fellowship in the middle of the week.  So many Christians miss this special service because they’re too tired, but honestly, when I’ve had a rough week and go ahead to Wednesday night services, I am energized!

Do your plans include prayer meeting tonight?  Why not decide right now to head to church this evening?  Extract something from your day, if you can, to make it easier to get to church.  Excite your children about going!  Perhaps you could:

  • Have a supper of only leftovers on Wednesdays.  Everyone gets to pick what they’d like to have from the fridge!
  • Pick up a $5 Hot and Ready pizza for supper.
  • If you homeschool, lighten the school load on Wednesdays.
  • Don’t schedule appointments or extra curricular activities for Wednesday.
  • Have a tradition of having a special dessert or popcorn on Wednesday night after getting home from church.  Use that time to talk to your family about the service.
Wednesday night is a part of most church’s schedules.  Don’t miss out!  Your pastor, youth pastor and teachers have planned and prepared so that you might be strengthened in the middle of the week.  

The parson and I will be heading there this evening.  I hope you’ll be there too!

From the parsonage windows,

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