Treasure in Your Sacks

When I was a little girl, my grandparents lived near a “corner store.”  It was a small grocery store at the end of the street that sold all the essentials – milk, bread, eggs, canned goods, etc. But the best thing to me was the PENNY CANDY!  My grandfather would give me and my sisters a dime each and send us to the corner store to get a “sack-full” of candy.  We would come back with a little brown sack teeming with Mary Jane’s, licorice, bubble gum, Slow Pokes, Smarties and other sweet treasures!  That brown sack was so appreciated!  We enjoyed each treat, savoring them as long as possible!

Recently I was reading the familiar story of Joseph in Genesis 43.  In this chapter, his brothers are headed back to their father with food provisions, made possible by Joseph’s generosity.  Then the brothers discover that the money they had paid for the food was found tucked into each of their sacks!  They were alarmed and afraid that they would be in trouble with Joseph. Would he accuse them of stealing the food?  When they told Joseph about it upon their return to Egypt, he said, 

Peace be to you, fear not: your God, and the God of your father, 
hath given you treasure in your sacks.

Joseph recognized that it was God that had blessed them with the food, though he had given them their money back.  

As a little girl, I needed to understand that it was God who had put those treasures in my sack.  

And then for each one of us, every single day, we need to uncurl the top of that brown sack and peer down inside.  What do you see?  A home, daily food, vision, the ability to breathe, swallow and walk? A husband, a child, a Bible in our language?  A church, the ability to hear and eat and work?  Those are treasures in our sack given to us by God, “and the God of your father.” He has put those treasures into your sack! Have you even recognized that you possess those treasures? Have you thanked the Lord for those riches today?  

We are rich people!  Rich people, indeed!

What’s inside your sack that you can be thankful for today?

Don’t forget to complete Day #11 on the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge.  Today’s task is to clean the bathrooms.  I think I’m headed to the Linen closet to do some major straightening/discarding!  I’ll let you know later today how it goes!

With love,

3 thoughts on “Treasure in Your Sacks

  1. Denise, we truly have so much to be thankful for! Thank you for the visual and for your timely writings. It's a God-gift to read what He puts on your heart.
    As someone already mentioned, everyday I look forward to your next blog, and your writings are personal enough, it's like visiting you in the mornings.
    So… Thank you.
    Much love~ Debby


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