House Cleaning Update Day #10

I have been out of town the last couple days, but I worked ahead over the weekend on the duties of Days 8 and 9.  Then when I got home this afternoon, I set the clock for 30 minutes and got to work on Deep cleaning the Living room.

My first task was straightening up the closet! 

I got rid of my heavy coats and put them downstairs until next winter!

Then I attacked the dust on top of the china cabinet.  No one knew it was there…until now!  
But it’s gone this afternoon!

On Saturday I got a jump on things and straightened up the decor that I keep inside the cabinet…
Photo bomb – Liza!

I vacuumed, dusted the furniture, baseboards and pictures.

The floors got dust mopped.

I also vacuumed the furniture and fluffed the pillows.

I also got rid of one coat and a bunch of magazines!  Today’s challenge is done!

Did you do today’s Living Room challenge?

Feeling refreshed,

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