A Look Back on 2013

New Years Eve is a the day we all turn around and take a peek behind us.  We like to remember where we’ve been, what we did, and what was accomplished.  Those are the things memories are made of!

For the believer, this day is more than just remembering the good times; it’s also a time to look and see if what we’ve done in the last year has been effective in an eternal way.  Whose life have we touched?  Have we changed others’ perspectives about their lives and their trials because of the Scripture with which we gave them?  What biblical truths and principles have we poured into our friends and family?  How has our marriage pointed the world to our Savior?  How have we grown individually closer to the Lord in this last year?  How much more of His Word do we know?

If you sigh when you read those questions because you didn’t accomplish as much as you’d like, then you have a whole clean slate in front of you, starting at this new year.  Be sure to come back for some simple encouragements tomorrow about how to branch out in this next year to accomplish those goals the Lord brings to your heart. I won’t be writing about making resolutions, by the way.  =)

In “blogosphere” review of my year here at RefreshHer, I thought it might be interesting to see the most popular posts from 2013. Let’s look at the five top viewed posts, starting with Number Five and working our way to Number One!

#5 Unexpected and Inconvenient
#4 Hosting a Pinterest Party
#3 House Cleaning

#2 Full of Excuses

#1 Mothering for the Lord

One of my favorite personal memories from this past year was the day we came to look at the inside of this house for the first time.  I knew it was what I had prayed for the minute I walked through it.  My husband and I were on the stairs when I asked if he would pray with me that the Lord would give us this house, if it was His will.  Dale took my hands, and we prayed in the stair well.  Then the day we moved in, we stood in the same place, held hands, and thanked the Lord for answered prayer!   What is a favorite memory of yours from 2013?

Happy New Year!

With love,

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