A Peek From My Porch

The coffee is perking in the coffee pot in the kitchen downstairs while the sun is peeking up from behind the hill in the front of the house. The kitty purrs and rubs against my legs. She is fed, petted, and then I plod down the steps toward the sweet “gurgling” of the coffee pot. A cup awaits, poured by my thoughtful husband. The hot beverage is foamy and slightly sweet. Cup in hand, I move towards the fireplace and stand in slippered feet while sipping the warm liquid. My mind races to the day ahead of me. So much to do. So much for which to prepare. If my body kept up with my thoughts, I’d be doing a 100 yard dash up the stairs right now to get ready for the day, but no – first I must still my heart in God’s Word. I sit. I read from my worn, lovely copy of the Bible. I hear God’s voice. I bow to pray. I seek direction for this day. My heart is quieted.

It is then that I reach for my planner book and pen. I scribble plans and priorities for these twenty-four hours, hopeful that I might accomplish these things on my “to-do” list, knowing that the Lord could change these plans. And that will be the Best plan. Today is His day. This year is His year.

Have you quieted your heart with time spent with the Lord yet today? It’s easier and a stronger pull to check all our social media first, isn’t it? To see what is going on the the world, instead of what needs to be going on in our hearts. Nothing will be right this day if our heart is not first right with God.

I’m asking the Lord to help me make better use of my free minutes this year. Instead of making a New year’s Resolution, I’ve set a goal to accomplish some projects in the next 100 days, which will be April 11, 2014. I chose 100 days, because it’s a short commitment. The end is in sight. I have several things I’ve been working on for the last couple of years (gasp!) that I’m desiring to complete. On Friday, April 11th, I’ll share my progress with you, but will also update along the way. I’ll be a little generic, but let me share the three things I’m going to be working on:

  1. A passage of Scripture to memorize
  2. A personal hobby/craft to finish
  3. A personal goal to complete
There’s the peek into my New Year and what I’m asking the Lord to help me accomplish. How about you? Could you think of something you could accomplish in 100 days? It’s only 1/3 of the whole year. Why not finish a few things that you’ve left undone in these next three and a half months? I’d love for you to join me!

I’d encourage you to write down your goals for the 100 days. Be specific. Then each day on your planner, write in time to work on those projects – even if it’s 15 minutes! You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll accomplish with a plan!

With love on this New year’s Day,

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