Days #20-22 House-Cleaning Update

The challenges for the last several days and today were to surface clean the living room, bathroom, kitchen and (today) the bedroom.  I got each room done, but will only show pics of the bedroom.
The Monday morning ritual:
Change the sheets
I store my sheets under the bed in this comforter bag.  It’s so easy to get to the linens this way! 
I dusted, vacuumed, and picked up things that were lying around.  
Oh, yes!  That’s much better!

If you make your bed each day, you’re getting a huge percentage of the room clean 
just by doing that one task!
 Pictures and mirrors were dusted too.

How did you do this weekend and today with the house cleaning?  The beginning of the week is a great time to get things in order!

4 thoughts on “Days #20-22 House-Cleaning Update

  1. I seldom do housework on the weekends, so I did all three challenges yesterday (Monday), and considering that I cleaned four rooms, it took surprisingly little time. Loving this challenge1


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