The Painful Results of a Check-Up

A wise friend of mine used an analogy as to why she attends ladies’ retreat each year.  She said she goes to her doctor each year for a check-up; she attends ladies’ retreats for the same reason!  Oh, I like that!

I had a check up this weekend too; it was of the spiritual nature.  The check up took place at The Wilds Christian Camp.  It was actually a group appointment with over 300 women in attendance.  The Physician (Christ) used an assistant, Debi Pryde, to do some probing and poking into our hearts.  The results were all individual as we listened to the Spirit of God give each of us a diagnosis and a remedy for our troubled hearts.  We must have peace with God so we can experience the Peace of God.      He is the peace that will calm us in the midst of our storm.  We must believe the truth of God’s love for us so we won’t question His ways.  Many workshops also aided in our spiritual health – topics on loving the homosexual, training our children in God’s Word and watching for the fingerprints of God directing our paths.  Yes, we got some good medicine to bring home.

Did you ever get home after a check-up and find you don’t feel so well the next day?  The arm they gave you a booster shot in is sore!  The medication the doctor gave you for the arthritis pain caused your stomach to be upset.  So, too, after a spiritual check-up!  You come home to apply what you’ve learned and BAM! You get hit with painful times.  There is opposition from the enemy – Satan.  There’s opposition of your flesh (or your family’s!).  It’s not easy to obey.  As a matter of a fact, it can be downright uncomfortable at times.  But just like when we continue to take the medicine, our bodies will adjust.  If we continue to obey we will reap the fruit down the road.

So take heart, ladies!  If you’ve made a decision at some recent spiritual check-up, be ready for the painful days to follow, but keep your eyes on the Physician.  He knows what He is doing and you can trust Him.  Obey what He has revealed to you and you will enjoy great spiritual health!

And let us not be weary in well doing: 
for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.
Galatians 6:9

Today’s house cleaning challenge is to sweep and vacuum the whole house. That’s my plan, plus a wax job on the hardwood. I’ll update at 6 p.m.

With love,

2 thoughts on “The Painful Results of a Check-Up

  1. I had the opposite experience this weekend–I felt like I received such a spiritual refreshing from church on Sunday–isn't it amazing the way He knows just which we need, refreshing or reminding, when we need it?


  2. The Lord always gives what we need. He is true to His character. It's the enemy who comes in to try to discourage and dishearten us after victory. Thank the Lord, we are more than conquerors through Him!


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