Freshen Up Friday

On Wednesday when I cleaned out my closet, one hard area to organize was that of my scarves.  I wasn’t sure how to hang them without them falling all over the place.  I don’t like storing them in a drawer because they won’t stay stacked.  So, I got to thinking about how the stores display them!  That was the answer!

Using a plastic hanger, I first folded the scarf in half.  
Hold the loop behind the bottom piece of the hanger.
Pull the rest of the scarf through the opening of the folded scarf and tighten.

Turn the hanger over and it will look like this:

Freshen up your closet by hanging your scarves as beautifully as the department stores do!  They’ll be right at your fingertips and won’t slide off the hanger!

I will be skipping out on today’s House Cleaning Challenge because I’m headed out of town, but I hope to make up next Monday!  Stay on track if you can.  It will pay off in the long haul!

Also, be faithful to your church Sunday!  We will be with our daughter who is attending a special senior’s breakfast at BJU.  Can’t believe she’s graduating next week!  God is so good!  See you Monday!

Be refreshed,

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