Extra Bait

While at the beach last week, we saw many fishermen.  I never pass a “lure lover” that I don’t think about the children’s song, “I will make you fishers of men, fishers of men, fishers of men,  I will make you fishers of men if you follow me…”  One evening we passed two fishermen who seemed that they had met one another at the pier and didn’t know one another beforehand.  One fisherman walked over to the other and said, “Here, I always bring extra with me in my cooler.”  I was afraid to look, but I’m sure it was bait.  Ewwww.  Night Crawlers.  Worms.  Something wiggly and creepy.  He was making his way back over to get one of “those things” for the other fisherman.  Fishermen are friendly with others on the pier.  They share what they have.

As I passed, I thought again of being a fisher of men.  Do I always have extra “bait,” if you will, to hand out to someone that needs it?  What would my bait be?  How about a Gospel tract?  I was convicted, because when I changed my purse to come on vacation, I had failed to get the tracts out of the front pocket of my other purse.  It’s a pitfall of changing purses – something always gets left out!  But I thought, “If a real fisherman always has an extra piece of bait or two in his cooler, then shouldn’t I also have extra Gospel bait stashed away, ready to give to someone in need of the Gospel?  Shouldn’t I be as friendly and “peer-ing” out for those that need what I could share with them?”

I need to be looking for the one that the Lord brings by my path as I’m waiting and  fishing for men. Oh, that I would be as thoughtful and caring as that dear fisherman on the pier!  You and I have so much more to offer.  Are you fishing for men?  Is your “cooler” full and ready?

Just curious…have you ever received a tract from someone else?  Let’s not hide the Truth!  Let’s share it.

With love,

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