A Peek Inside the Parsonage


We spent a day at Dollywood with my sis and her husband recently.  The picture above shows a roller coaster in the background.  Yea, well, we DIDN’T ride it.  It’s just a nice backdrop for the picture.  Years ago we would have been on the front seat.  We loved it!  Now, however, we’re older wiser, and we think before we jump onto a ride going 60 miles an hour and holding us into our seat by matters of physics: energy, inertia, and gravity.  We’d rather gravity just keep us on our feet, thank you very much!  We used to be participators.

Today we call ourselves spectators instead, for many reasons – backs that will get out of line, an impending migraine caused by necks being jerked like a spring-loaded puppy’s head in the back window of a car, or just fear itself!  Instead we enjoy watching other people take their life in their hands and scream their heads off while having the time of their lives!  We know what we’re missing, because we used to enjoy it, but it’s now in our rear view mirror.  Things have changed.

Stop for a minute and think about your church.  I wonder if you are still as involved as you used to be, or are you standing on the sidelines enjoying watching others as they smile at the thrill of serving the Lord in your local church?  Perhaps you remember the “good ol’ days” when you were serving in this ministry or that, but now, you find all kinds of excuses as to why you should be standing on the outside looking in.  Your excuses are as reasonable as a 50-something year old staring at a roller coaster, and you’re not about to budge.

  • I’m too busy
  • I helped for long enough
  • I got hurt
  • I don’t think I’m capable
  • They probably wouldn’t want me
  • They  have enough workers
The list could go on and on, but the truth is that excuses hold us back from the thrill of serving our great God.  Excuses keep up paralyzed and unfruitful.  Excuses keep us comfortable.
What could you be doing for the Lord in your local church that you’re holding back from right now?  Pray about it.  Seek God’s supernatural strength to equip you.  Stop listening to the lies of the devil and move to the front of the line.  Strap on the seat belt and enjoy the ride of your life, because serving God is better than any thrill on a roller coaster!
From (the safety of) the parsonage windows,

P.S. Did you know that today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?!  If you don’t want to make a homemade batch of cookies, why not opt for a cookie in a mug?  Here’s the recipe!

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