Keeping the Glow In Marriage

Yesterday I read this post on Facebook:

A sweet older man told me today that I had the glow of a newlywed. I told him I’d been married over 2 years, but that it gets better every day! He chuckled, but I know it’s true. 
What do you do to keep the “newlywed glow” in your marriage?

There are two parts to this post:

  1. The man’s chuckle at the statement of marriage getting better every day makes me wonder (because I don’t know it to be true) if he has the opinion that marriage starts out great but then only heads downhill.  Many people hold to that sad idea!  I want to ask, “Whose fault is that?  Yes, it our own fault if that is true.  Why would you just let your marriage slide along? Why wouldn’t you guard it, protect it, and work at it to make it better today than it was yesterday?  Why do people marry?  To be miserable?  Sometimes I think so!  Now on to #2…
  2. The question begs to be answered ~ “What do you do to keep the newlywed glow in your marriage?”  I didn’t post my answer on Facebook because I didn’t have time, but am happy to share my answer here.
    1. Keep your mate your #1 earthly priority.  Let him know that he is important to you every single day.  Make time for him.  Listen to him.  Look at him when he’s talking to you.  Share your heart with him.  Do things for him. He comes before your children, mother, or girlfriends.  He is more important than your favorite show on television, or the store that’s running the super sale!  Let him know!
    2. Keep dating.  Make time to be together (and that doesn’t include going grocery shopping and stopping for gas!).  Be creative with dates.  Plan for them.  Keep them fun and keep your husband guessing. Dating Divas have great ideas for fun times that won’t even cost you much money! 
    3. Keep things tender.  Touch is an incredible tool to keep a marriage warm.  Hold hands when you walk.  Put your arm through his in church.  Kiss goodbye EVERY time you part.  Kiss hello.  Kiss when you’re angry.  Kiss when you’re happy. Kiss when you’re sad.  I think you get the point.  =) Slip your arms around his neck when he’s seated.
    4. Do little things.  Leave little gifts ~ A candy bar left on the kitchen counter for him.  His favorite soft drink with a note on it in the fridge.  A book for him to read or for you to read together.  Leave notes ~ on the mirror, in the shower, on his pillow, in his Bible, on his cell phone, in a Facebook private message, in his suitcase, in his car.
    5. Tell him over and over and over why you respect him.  Need some help?  Does he…
      • Go to work?
      • Take care of himself?
      • Love God?
      • Lead you and your family in loving God and going to church?
      • Tell others about Christ?
      • Provide for your family?
      • Make the hard, right choices as a man?
      • Come home to you each night?
      • Seek to be a godly man?
      • Serve the Lord at your church?
    6. Keep your view of him as you did when you were dating.  Don’t put on the glasses that magnify his faults.  Expect more of yourself than you do of him.  Be harder on your weaknesses than you are on his.
    7. Be his sweetheart; not his mother.  Enough said.
    8. Be fun and flirtatious. It’s okay – you’re married and it’s allowed!  😉
    9. Pray for your own heart and your attitude to remain towards your husband; he is God’s gift to you.  Pray for your husband to be protected from all evil.
    10. Be the best part of your husband’s day!  Ask the Lord how you can do that and then do it!
Will these things keep the glow in marriage?  Try it and see!

What would you add to my list?

With love,

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