Freshen Up Friday

One of the things I love to use my Kindle Fire for is cooking up recipes I’ve found on the Internet.  I set the Kindle up on the counter and follow the recipe as I work in the kitchen.  However, I’ve been fearful that it would get splashed or splattered while I was cooking.

I had recently seen an advertisement in a magazine for a cookbook stand that has a splash guard on it.  It is the Umbra Cook-a-Boo Bamboo Cookbook Stand, found on Amazon.  So when I got an Amazon Gift card for Mother’s Day, I immediately knew what I was going to buy!

It’s very sturdy, yet lightweight.  Right at $30 (I actually got mine on sale for $25), this gives me confidence that it will keep my Kindle protected from water splashes, full mixer ingredients or other things that could ruin this electronic wonder!

This will also hold my cookbooks, of course, and keep them clean, too.  It keeps the book standing upright, making it easy to read.  Of course a Tablet or IPad would fit in this as well.

I just had to tell you about this great find!  I’m sure it has refreshed the life of my Kindle.  Hope it will freshen up your electronic device, too!

Do you use your Kindle or tablet in the kitchen frequently?  How do you protect it?

See you in church Sunday!

Be refreshed,

4 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. I use my IPad in the kitchen frequently for the same thing. Would love to get one of these, it will be next on my to get list. Thanks for the tip.


  2. I read this.
    I tried to post to say I use my iPod in the kitchen all the time (sometimes for recipes, sometimes just to listen to music) and it's always done great with my otterbox case.
    My iPod wouldn't cooperate so I went into the kitchen and started cooking for tomorrow and then I spilled sugar water all over it. Did I mention my Otterbox case works great in the kitchen! 🙂


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