The Hungry Soul

Yesterday we had kind of typical Memorial “picnic” foods.  We grilled hamburgers and also had these super good Oven Fries that are a favorite of ours, a baked bean dish, and cantelope.  Alli is home, and she requested a strawberry pie, so I made that for our dessert.  Though I was really hungry when we sat down to eat, I was stuffed after the meal was done! That’s far more than I usually eat at a meal, but hey, it was a holiday!

We also invited a couple from church to eat with us, and after the meal we all took a drive.  Our guest kept teasing everyone, because we were so full.  As we passed a pancake house she said, “If you all will eat pancakes, I’ll buy!”  Then when we drove past Cracker Barrel she asked, “Is anyone hungry yet?”  We all would just groan at her suggestions to eat again.  Why?  Because we were full!

That whole scenario reminded me of a verse I had read earlier in the day in Proverbs 27.  It says,

The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; 
but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.
My interpretation of that verse is, When you’re hungry, anything sounds good, but when you’re full, the very sight of food makes you groan!
Let’s think of that verse in a spiritual light.  A Christian who doesn’t come to church hungry for the Word, hungry for fellowship, hungry to be used of God groans at each of those opportunities.  The sanctuary is too cold, the sermon is too long, the people are unfriendly, the pastor’s wife is hateful, the Sunday school teacher is picking on you…The list could go on and on.  On the other hand, the spiritually hungry person drinks in the preaching while taking notes.  They only notice the visitors that needed a friend, rather than those regulars that didn’t speak to them.  They look for opportunities to be a blessing, rather than looking to receive one.  They realize their pastor’s wife had a migraine and that the Sunday school teacher was teasing with good natured fun.  Even those bitter things  can be sweet. Why?  Because they came with an appetite.  
Wow.  What a difference it makes to come to church with the right attitude!  Think back on last Sunday – was it a day of blessing or irritation?  If it was the latter, look into your heart and see if your spiritual appetite came hungry.  It can make all the difference in the world when you sit at the Banquet table of God’s Word.
With love, 

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