A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Tape measures, clip boards, lace, satin, and tulle.  This was my day yesterday.  Alli and I went wedding dress shopping!  What girl doesn’t look forward to the day she can go looking for the perfect dress for her special day?  I felt privileged to be the one at her side, assisting her in and out of gowns, tying ribbons, zipping zippers and fluffing trains.  It was a special day.

As I helped with the trying on of dresses, my mind was traveling through the years, as a mother-of-the bride is sure to do.  When a mother raises a daughter, there are many dress fittings in the years that led up to this day, and each one of those prepares her for when she will choose her wedding dress.

I remember the first dress she wore home from the hospital, her first Easter dress, and the succeeding ones each year after that.  There were the dresses for each Sunday as we worshiped and went to church together as a family.  There were dresses for recitals, in both piano and violin.  There was the dress for her high school graduation, the dress for her sister’s wedding, and the dresses for college classes and for formal functions during those four years she was getting her degree.  Then, recently came the college graduation dress.  George Banks (from Father of the Bride) would be counting the money spent on all those dresses; I was counting the blessing of having daughters and the fun times we had shopping together, discussing price, modesty, and appropriateness.  We often ended those shopping trips with ice cream or a beverage on our way home.

What a blessing to be a part of another of Alli’s special days yesterday – the day she found the dress!  Yes, it’s hanging in her “old bedroom” closet, awaiting its alteration day in March.  Am I sad?  I wept yesterday, but they were happy tears, tears of remembrance of all the shopping trips all through the years.  I wiped those tears and we headed out for frozen yogurt!  Hey, we had something really special to celebrate and we’d worked up an appetite!  Dress shopping is no easy task, but it sure packs away some special memories!

What memory do you have of wedding dress shopping?

From my parsonage windows,

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