Don’t Forget!

I love the story in Joshua about how the Israelites crossed the Jordan River, then were told to gather twelve stones as a remembrance to what God had done.  When their children asked them about the stones, they were to tell them how God stopped the river’s flow so they could cross. This was to be a visual remembrance of God’s provision and care.

Our family doesn’t have a pile of stones, but we have our share of stories about how God provided for us over and over again!  As I shared here a couple years ago, God taught my husband and me to trust Him for the details of our lives when we were young parents with barely a dollar to our name. We have told the “Gerber cereal story” many times. We didn’t want Whitney to forget how God provides, nor did we want to forget! Every time I see a box of Gerber Cereal with the picture of that idyllic baby on the box, I’m taken “to the Jordan river” to remember my God’s faithfulness.

Another great thing about our story is that it gives me faith for each time I look into the future and begin to wonder how a particular need will be cared for, where the resources will come from, or exactly how it will really all work out. Enter – Gerber Baby Cereal picture. It’s God’s message to me – “Remember what I did? I’m still in control!” I sigh happily and trek along my way. “Oh yes! I remember!”

Do you have a story of God’s provision that you rehearse in your children’s ears? They need to hear it over and over again! Remind yourself, too, whenever you’re tempted to doubt!

I’d love to hear your story! Care to leave a comment about it? All stones are welcome!

From my parsonage windows,

3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget!

  1. Yes, we were given by the Lord a beautiful house! We have a large sign just as you enter through the front door, so you see it mutiple times every day, James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift comes from above! We remind our children and ourselves this gift is only given from the Lord!!!


  2. All the way back to before we became parents, we talked about how we wanted to raise our child. We came up with a plan, and the Lord did the rest and now I am a stay at home mom. Of course our house is smaller and our cars are older, and I shop at consignment stores but, hey I did that before. But, when I look at my child and I know we did the right thing. I know that whatever I sacrificed to stay home is nothing to what Christ sacrificed for all of us.


  3. Thanks for sharing both of these stories! They encouraged my heart in a very special way. Maybe I can share exactly how in an upcoming post. Thank you!


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