No Vacancy?

Summertime brings vacation time. Time to hit the road for new places. I remember one summer years ago when my husband and I went with his parents to visit family in New York. After hours and hours of traveling from South Carolina on our way to NY, we grew weary and were ready to turn in for the night. My in-laws were impromptu travelers, you might say, and didn’t call ahead and make reservations. Then there was also the problem of when we did stop, my father-in-law was not going to pay those high prices just to sleep! So, we’d pile back in the car and keep driving. The later it got, the more “No Vacancy” signs we saw; reminding us that making a reservation would have been a good idea. A really good idea.  When we finally did find a place with room for us, at a price my husband’s dad felt good about, well, let’s just say I wished I could have felt as good about sleeping in that bed. Whew! Live and learn.

“No vacancy” can be difficult to deal with when you’re traveling, but do you ever find that there’s a “No vacancy” sign hanging on your heart when you think about reading God’s Word? There’s no place for it to lodge; it just isn’t welcomed there. A heart that is cool or indifferent, disobedient and wandering away from the Lord will cause there to be no place for God’s Word to lodge.

Jesus told the Pharisees in John 8:37 – my word hath no place in you. How sad. Do you love His Word? How was that revealed in your life today? Have you read it? Did you write down a thought God taught you? Have you thought about it through the day? Did you share it with anyone?

If you have the slightest feeling of disregard for the Bible, tell the Lord, and ask Him to keep your heart tender and in love with His precious Word. He will answer that request. Don’t let a day pass where the Word of God has No Vacancy in your heart!

What blessing from God’s Word did you read recently?

With love,

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