A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Today’s peek will give you a look at a few little things going on in the parsonage.

First, since July 4th is a day away, and perhaps you’re thinking of having corn on the cob, look at this little trick I learned this week:

Wrap the cleaned corn with a damp paper towel and microwave for a minute! I only did one ear when I tried this, but I’m sure you could do more than one at a time. I’d wrap each ear separately. How quick to fix corn this way, especially if you’re just doing an ear or two.

The summer flowers are in full bloom at the parsonage! Day lilies, phlox and hydrangeas are all making a brilliant display at the front of the house.

Perhaps you saw this, but here’s how the rearrangement ended up last weekend 
(with Liza as our tour guide!)…

Tomorrow Alli’s coming home for a little visit. We have several plans…fireworks, Jonesborough parade and Carter’s Fold! Should be a sparkly, foot-stompin’ weekend of fun!

What are you doing to celebrate the Fourth?

From the parsonage windows,

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