Freshen Up Friday

You’re probably asking, “What is that?!”

It is more than a yardstick with a sock on the end – that is a handy cleaning tool!

One of our super great ladies at church told me about this years ago. You stick a sock on the yardstick and secure with a rubber band (or two or three), then use it to swipe under the stove, the back of the fridge, under the piano, dresser, and any other place that is too narrow for a broom or Swiffer mop! I used this the other day and found a couple of Liza’s toys she’d knocked underneath the couch!

No reason to have those bunnies dancing around under our furniture with this little fella around! Freshen under your living spaces this weekend by making one of these dust bunny catchers. You might also find a few treasures in the process!

Hope you’re making plans to attend Sunday school and church on Sunday!

Be refreshed,

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