A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Busy days – they seem to rule my life! Can you relate? There is so much that has to be accomplished, and then a whole list of other things I’d just like to do. But how can we add more to our already overflowing schedule?

One way to get more done is to do something while you’re doing something else!  Like…

  • Listen to a Christian radio broadcast while you’re doing your hair and putting on your makeup. 
  • Work on a memory verse while ironing your blouse.
  • Get a book on CD to listen to while you’re in the car. Don’t just save this for vacation! Even while running errands or going to town, you can listen to a whole chapter!
  • Grill extra chicken or steak when you’re preparing your supper, so you’ll have meat for tomorrow’s lunch wraps. Make two casseroles instead of one. Now you have another to share or use later.
  • Double the pie crust or cookie dough recipes and freeze the extra.
  • Make a needed phone call to check on your family or friend while doing another (quiet) task, like straightening a drawer, ironing, folding clothes or making the bed.  
  • Watch that favorite cooking show while doing another task – don’t just sit still (unless this is movie night with the family!)
  • Take something with you to appointments – write a card, read your Sunday school lesson or book you’re into, or your magazine from home, rather than the ones they have sitting out that don’t interest you.
Even though we have busy days, there are ways to accomplish even more, if we use our time wisely and double up on tasks!  

By the way, if you haven’t heard the Revive Our Hearts recent programs by Shaunti Feldhan, I’d so encourage you to! They are excellent, and will help you understand the men in your life in a much greater way. She discusses her book, For Women Only. So, get out your ironing board and turn on the broadcasts!

From the parsonage windows,

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