Seasons of Life

I’m thankful to live in an area of the country that sees all four seasons. I enjoy each one for their particular uniqueness. However, even though I love each season, there are things about each one that I have to choose not to focus on. For instance, I love winter because of the holidays it brings, but I’m not crazy about the cold and the barren trees. Spring is a welcomed change with its flowers and green grass, but the rains can ruin a whole week. I love summer for the warm sunshine and the long days, but not the extreme heat. Autumn is beautiful with all the color and cool temps, but it can be a little depressing with dark days and the trees losing their leaves. See what I mean? There’s always a little negative about each season, that could ruin the blessings if I focus on them too much.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the seasons in a different sort of way recently; I’ve been considering the seasons of life. Here, too, there are high and low points; good things and bad. It’s so important, that just as we do with the yearly seasons, to consider the blessings of each season, or stage of our lives, and not be overwhelmed with the negative sides of each one. It could happen easily if we’re not careful.

First, let’s distinguish the “Seasons of Life.”

  • In springtime we have youth and promises of good things to come – jobs, marriage, a family. It can also bring immaturity, little respect from others, feeling like you’re not able to do everything you’d like.
  • Summertime is early adulthood. Little children are often a part of the picture. Strength and agility are yours. However, money is tight because of the growing family’s needs, a new house, or other “starting out” costs. Parents feel the obligation of being responsible to train and teach their children. Discipline can be wearisome. Time together is hard to come by and funds to have dates are non-existent due to educating and preparing their children for growing up.
  • Fall brings the empty nest. Time together as a couple is enjoyed, mixed with the emotions of children leaving home for college and marriage. Responsibilities are in a new area – caring for aging parents and needs of their now adult children, 
  • Winter brings wisdom, from all that has been learned during the earlier seasons. A greater understanding of God’s Word is theirs after years of study. Age, failing bodies and sickness often make service difficult or impossible. Home is the preferred place and the source of comfort.
As I’ve considered the seasons in my life, I’ve thought about how important it is to keep Christ at the center of every day and every season. Without His perspective, despair is all we’d feel throughout our lives and we’d focus only on the negative sides and not relish in the blessings. How do we deal with the hard things realistically yet have a right attitude in each season?

  1. In Springtime, we must study God’s Word and grow in understanding His will. Stay teachable.
  2. In Summertime we must look to Him for wisdom to be a godly wife and building a home that is constantly honoring Him. Glean from older women. Ask questions for the answers about motherhood and child training. Enjoy the days while your children are home and realize that the “leaves will soon fall” from the trees. Realize that it’s not things that make you happy. Make time for your husband with simple dates and times together so you’re not strangers when your children are gone.
  3. In Fall, enjoy the opportunities to serve the Lord. This is the time to be on the go for Him. You have strength and health; use it wisely. Let your marriage be a blessing to one another and others. Enjoy nurturing your relationship and preparing for the winter when you could be confined together.
  4. During Winter, enjoy the “heat” of your home; its comforts and love. Remember that your spouse is your friend, not your enemy. Being together 24/7 can cause conflicts; guard your heart with God’s Word. Apply the truths you know. When you talk with others on the phone or computer, point them to the Savior that you’ve walked with all these years. You’re still a testimony and an important witness at this time in your life! You have a purpose until the day the Lord calls you Home!
What season are you in? Are you only looking at its negatives and not seeing the blessing of this stage? Refocus. The Lord will give grace and wisdom to face each difficulty that comes with this season. Don’t be discouraged; look into His face, draw near to Him, and rejoice because This is the day (season) the Lord has made!

What difficulty are you facing because of your season in life? What new perspective do you need?

With love,

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