A Peek Inside The Parsonage

All these pictures were from this past Christmas. As I look at our photos through the years, there is one thing that stands out – we’re a very touchy, huggy kind of family! I love that about us!

I grew up in a very affectionate home, so it was only natural that I’d sit in my husband’s lap, throw my arms around my girls, kiss their noggins (as we called it), and in general, just be free with affection; that’s what I was used to! I think affection provides a child with security. When you grow up with that taking place every day, it’s not embarrassing, it’s natural.

Recently I was in a place and position where it was appropriate to give a woman a compassionate kind of a hug. She was stiff, unbending, and didn’t quite know how to deal with this display of empathy. I learned that she grew up in a home where relationships were strained. I nodded in my memory of what had taken place earlier when I reached out to encourage her, and I understood her response. I’m truly sorry for her.

I have a message for you with children at home – LOVE ON THOSE LITTLE ONES! Give hugs. Squeeze their hand in affirmation. Let them see you loving on your husband with a kiss, a hug, holding his hand, taking his arm. Provide the security that family affection brings! If they don’t get it from you, chances are they won’t know how to share it when it comes time for them to marry or parent. Then, also, they’ll be uncomfortable giving (and receiving) Christian empathy to others and showing the love of Christ. Oh, the love and power of a loving family! Be sure you’re displaying it!

Hugs to you!

From the parsonage windows,

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