Freshen Up Friday

How about a few ideas for freshening up your spending?

July is a great month for Clearance sales. Why not take advantage of the extra savings and start doing a little Christmas or birthday shopping? Get a storage container that you can use to stash your gifts in and go out with an eye for the people on your list. TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are great places for low prices, but then add a clearance sale to it, and you can get a great deal! I love those yellow stickers!

Buy produce like berries that are on sale right now and freeze them for the cooler months when the fresh fruit is so expensive. I’ve been buying blueberries for $2 a pint in recent weeks. I buy one or two extra and put them in freezer bags. To use for muffins, you can just pop them in the batter in their frozen state. If I want to add them to yogurt, just run them under tepid water a couple of minutes.

Do you have a Kroger near you? If you do, and you also sign up for the Kroger card, you can load a coupon on your card every Friday for a free product. I thought there must be a gimmick, and was a bit leery, but I tried it out and it’s an absolutely free product! I got a jar of salsa and a bag of Orville Redenbacher popcorn snack free last week. This week the coupon is for Quaker Chewy Bars. The nice thing is that thought there is only one day to load the coupon on your card, they give you a couple of weeks to redeem the coupon!

So there you go! Save yourself a few bucks by taking advantage of some great deals and refresh your budget and your wallet!

It doesn’t cost anything to be in church, except some discipline. Hope you’re planning to faithfully attend and participate this Sunday! We don’t go out of obligation, or to stay saved, we should go because we love God’s house and we ARE saved! Hope to see you there!

Be refreshed,

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