Cottage of Content

What a wonderful and very full week and a half this has been! We have moved out of two houses (my MIL’s and ours), moved into ours, gotten partially settled in, gone to The Wilds to speak for Family camp, cleaned the parsonage to ready it for selling, and then added all the other regular routines of ministry and life into those busy days. But you know what? It’s been so great! Our hearts are rejoicing in God’s goodness to us.

Last week while I was unpacking, I came across a little decorative plate that came from my Grandma. On it is written:

As I was wandering o’er the green,
Not not knowing where I went,
Perchance I saw a pleasant scene,
The cottage of content.

 It was at that moment that I knew what I was going to name our new home…The Cottage of Content! This is the place the Lord has given us. It may not be to someone else’s liking, but it’s PERFECT for us! We love the location, the layout, the style, the yard…everything! It has everything that I prayed for, and then some! 

Luke 11:11 says that if a son asks his father bread, will he give him a stone? Of course not! There were other houses that we liked, and prayed about, but they were “stones.” The Lord kept back this “bread” for us. He knew we needed to wait for it to be ready. He wanted to give us the best, as a wise, loving Father.

How wonderful when God provides! Whatever you’re praying about, don’t quit! Keep asking. God is a loving Father who doesn’t want to give you a stone; He wants to give you the best bread to satisfy you! Then you can accept what He gives and be perfectly content with it. You, too, can have a “Cottage of Content!” Just wait.

If you could name your house, what would you call it?

With love,

7 thoughts on “Cottage of Content

  1. I remember that hanging in Grandma's house. I found that in a little shop, and bought it for her. I am glad that the legacy is passing down to a new generation. How good to know that we are not only happy, but content.


  2. Having been in a rental house for much longer than anticipated, I found this very encouraging that God will soon bless us with our “cottage of content”. So far we have hit a brick wall at every turn. Perhaps the delay is His way of waiting to give us His best for us. We're not looking for extravagance, just His perfect will.


  3. Oh, I totally understand “hitting the brick wall”! We were there so many times over these last ten years. Now when I look around me, I realize that God had this waiting for us at the perfect time, and so much more than I had ever dreamed of! Keep waiting and watching. God will not disappoint you!


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