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Freshen Up Friday

I enjoy baking, and I equally love sharing my baked goods with others. Since we are now in a new area and have new neighbors that I pray will become good friends, I decided to bake little loaves of sour dough bread for each of the families in the houses near us. It’s my attempt to say hello and let them know we desire to be friendly.

What do you have or what could you do to extend friendship to someone you don’t know very well? Do you grow herbs that you could share? Flowers? Do make great cookies? Do you stamp cards? Find some little tangible way to be friendly to someone and freshen their Friday!

Pastor’s Encouragement: Pray that your pastor will strive for personal excellence and will believe God for all He wants to do in the congregation.

Husband Encouragement: Make sure your husband knows he is your sweetheart and best friend. Does he know this? Have you told him, or do you assume he knows?

Don’t assume. Everyone loves to know they are special. Take time to appreciate your husband by demonstrating it to him. Tell him with kind words; show him with your kind acts.

Be refreshed,

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