The Loving Touch

I was just an elementary age child when my mother was hospitalized for many days so that she might have an operation. This was at a time when they kept patients a fairly long time for a major surgery like she had.

I can remember the ache in my heart for the day my mom would return back home. Oh, my dad took good care of me and my sisters, but our home just wasn’t the same without her there! I remember going to the front coat closet and burying my face in the fur of her winter coat and crying out of sheer loneliness for her company!

Try as a man may, he cannot bring to a home what a woman does. We are the ones that bring the “homeiness”, if you will. We are the ones that make a loving atmosphere. We turn the house into a home. Dear friend, are you careful to maintain those gestures for your family? Or do you get so caught up in your own busyness and fatigue that you forget to add that softening and loving touch that your family craves? Have you recently…

  • set a pretty table for supper
  • played soothing music at the time your family returns home so that things are calm
  • lit a candle on the kitchen counter to provide ambiance and a lovely fragrance
  • made a special breakfast – your family’s favorite, to start their day off just right
  • added a seasonal touch to your living room or kitchen table
  • combed your little girl’s hair and added a barrette or bow so she’ll be pretty for daddy’s return
  • cut your son’s hair and combed it over so he’ll look just like his daddy
  • left a note on your children’s bed telling them how special they are
  • sang a special song to your husband to let him know how you love him
  • planned a fun activity for your family to enjoy together – a game night and popcorn, making cookies together, playing tag in the backyard, or s’mores over the grill
These are the things moms do best! Ask the Lord to help you know how to add the softening touch to your family’s lives, then make a plan to do it.

With love,

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