Blanket Of Grace

Surgery.  Ugh.  My memory of the room is

White walls.
 Blue drapes and masks.
Shiny Utensils.  


My surgeries have been for happy occasions – the births of my daughters. However, the memory of those operating rooms make me shiver. One sweet memory (aside from a sweet baby being placed in my arms!) is when I was taken to recovery; a nurse came in each time and placed a warmed-up blanket over me. It had actually been heated! I could feel myself relaxing under its comfort. Even the chattering of my teeth stopped, and I could rest.

BLAMELESS!Recently while having my quiet time I felt the cold and sterile feeling of isolation; “aloneness,” if you will. I bowed my head, asking God for the understanding of His presence and love. I then opened God’s Word. I was reminded of who I am in Christ in Ephesians 1. Because Christ is my Savior, God sees me as being holy and without blame, before Him in love! I am accepted in the beloved! The Lord brought the realization to my heart that it doesn’t matter what others think about me, or what I could ever be accused of wrongfully. I must remind myself of the Truth about what God thinks of me. He sees me through Christ as…

Suddenly, it was as though a warm blanket of grace was draped around me, reminding me of the warmth of that hospital blanket. I was comforted. The fear and trembling was lifted and I could rest.
You and I might feel that we are being treated by others in a way we don’t deserve, but when we remember that the Lord gave to us a perfect standing before the Father, through His death on the cross, we will admit that we didn’t deserve that either – it was a gift of grace. Warm, comforting grace that will see us through until the day He calls us home!
How have you seen God demonstrate His grace to you today?
With love,

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