The Result of Training

Beyond going to school, I have sat in many other classroom settings. For instance, when I was eighteen, I took a sewing course at a Singer store in our area. I knew nothing about how to sew a straight line, much less how to assemble a garment! I have used those sewing skills my whole adult life!  I’ve sewn many pieces of clothing and accessories over the years as a result.

When my girls were young I decided to take a class in cake decorating. I wanted to be able to make the outside of a cake look appealing enough to entice others want to taste the confection! I’ve made and decorated many cakes since that class!

Over the years, I’ve also taken cooking classes and home decorating classes to keep up on new techniques and ideas. The result has been many meals cooked and rooms embellished.

Since last Saturday I have been in another training class – that of soul winning. I’ve taken a couple of other similar sessions over the years, but I knew I needed to continue to sharpen, not only my abilities to share the Gospel, but also keep keen my awareness of the lost and their need for Christ. I pray that many baby Christians will result from the time invested!

It would have been useless after my sewing class to never enter a fabric store and purchase a pattern and material. After my cake decorating class it would have been a waste to purchase our birthday cakes at the local bakery rather than make them myself. It would also be a waste of this evangelism training if I don’t intentionally reach out and develop relationships with unbelievers so I can share the Gospel with them.

One idea that was brought to my attention is that of having a Christmas open house for our neighbors. We are wanting to meet those that live around us, and what better time than Christmas? This week, we penciled in a time in our calendars in which we can invite our neighborhood over for refreshments the week before Christmas. We just want to open the door of friendship, and have an opportunity to invite them back to do the four lesson Bible study with us. We are excited about how the Lord could use this simple idea to open the door for the Gospel to spread down our street!

What could you do to have an inroad to share the Gospel? Who are you seeking after to give the truths of eternal life? If you need to get some training, go after it! Sharpen your skills in giving the plan of salvation, then make a plan of how you will implement your training. Just think of the wonderful results. . .sinners coming to Christ and rewards in heaven! It couldn’t get any better! 

With love,

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