Freshen Up Friday

How many times a day do you use your cell phone? How many times do you put your hands on it? How often do you hear a notification, ring or message alert? For most of us, we probably couldn’t count how often we do any of those things; they are too frequent to tally. For that reason, I’m going to turn our attention to our cell phones as an item that could use some refreshing.

This is a picture of my phone, taken using the web cam; hence the backward words and symbols. I recently realized I hadn’t changed the home screen picture for a very long time. So, I changed it to one of my recent trip photos – that of a gorgeous fall tree in Vancouver. It’s amazing to me how doing something so simple can refresh the phone and make it look brand new! I love looking at the new picture! Since we use our phones so much, why not put something on the home screen that we love seeing? When was the last time you updated your screen picture? Maybe it’s time for a change.

The other thing I recently updated was my phone ring. Granted, I did have to get used to the sound to realize, “Oh, that’s my phone ringing!,” but it’s a nice change. I try to use a ring that will also refresh rather than stress other people out when they hear it! Some of those “rings” are OBNOXIOUS! It’s something we should consider when we choose a notification alert. Just sayin’.

The last thing your phone might need is a good cleaning. Wiping the back cover off with a Lysol wipe is a good idea. I use a fiber cloth on the front screen to get rid of all the fingerprints.

Wow! Those simple changes made my look like a new phone! Refresh your phone, then text and tell me so I can look at my new home screen picture!

See you in church Sunday!

Be refreshed,

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