Teach Your Little Ones

One of the sweetest joys of being married to the parson is getting to make visits to the hospital when a new baby is born! I watch at the bedside while the new mommy is cuddling her infant. If I’m real lucky she’ll ask me if I’d like to hold her new little one. I pounce on accept that invitation gladly! I peek inside the soft blankets at the quiet little one tucked snugly inside. Often we hear the proud daddy boasting about how this little one will learn to love his favorite sports team. There’s often sporting wear already purchased – it’s in the team colors, of course, with a bib or hat to match! The parents of a daughter may speak of her learning to play an instrument due to her parent’s love for music. They dream of the day they’ll play in church or in a marching band.

But how do these inclinations become a part of a child’s heart? They are put there by the parents. They talk of their loves. And even greater, if the mommy and daddy love the Lord, their child will hear of Him often, and with an intensity that surpasses any hobby. Why?

Because this is a new little life that is so…

My son, hear the instruction of thy father, 
and forsake not the law of thy mother:
Proverbs 1:8

They can only hear, however, if you are teaching. When? Every day. All through the day. In every situation. In every part of their life God is there. He is a part of what is happening. They can be taught to 
  • thank Him
  • give Him their troubles
  • love Him
  • give Him their heart
  • live for Him

It happens in the instructing; that loving teaching that happens every. single. day. It starts at birth – before they ever hold a football or baseball, or touch their little sticky fingers onto piano keys. It starts in cradled arms and moves on to each day of their lives.

A few very simple ways you can be instructing your children about God:

Click the picture to view in larger window

Keep instructing, Mom. It’s the only way your child will learn to love and follow God. Don’t get weary or neglectful of your training. If you want them to “wear the team shirt,” they need to see your love for the God Who formed them in the womb and knew them before they were ever born.

Keep on instructing!

With love,

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