A Peek From my Porch

Decorating a home is really a continual process. There is always some fluffing, adding and rearranging that needs to be done. Then each season brings about different decor as well. I knew my family room needed a large clock over the cedar chest/bench, but I couldn’t find just what I was looking for. I wouldn’t buy until I found the perfect size and color. Also, I needed curtains for the double window, but didn’t want to settle for just anything. Then I took a trip to Kingsport. . .and look what I found!

It’s amazing what those two additions did to warm up that space!

Here’s a closer look at both items:

The clock was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $20! The light blue chevron curtains were also found at HobLob for half price! LOVE that store! When I saw both of these items, I knew immediately that they were perfect. I love it when that happens!

I had the parson hang the rod above the window for extra height.
The curtain was still long enough that it puddles a little on the floor,
which I like.

Thought you might like a peek! Thanks for stopping by!

Are there certain home decor items that you’re looking for? Keep a list in your purse or on your phone with dimensions, window width, etc. You never know when you’ll find that perfect item!

From my country porch,

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